Extending Safe Water to Rural areas

Access to water at all, let alone safe water, is greatly lacking in many villages; the water sources that exist are often severely contaminated, making cyclical bouts of severe illness...


Fighting AIDS In The Home

F.A.I.T.H is an abbreviation for Fighting AIDS In The Home. With support from USAID through UHMG, Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU) implements the FAITH project in the districts of Kanungu, Lira, Wakiso,...


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Uganda views the Hybrid Eclipse in ...

Many lucky people around the world were treated to a an unusual “hybrid” solar eclipse on 3rd Nov. 2013 at Owinyi Primary School in Packwach- Nebbi District in Uganda —...



Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU)

Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU) is a national NGO based in Kampala - Uganda. Formed in 2006 and formally registered with the NGO Board in 2007, the organisation undertakes program interventions targeting individuals and groups uncatered for or inadequately catered for by the available social support systems.    

It was established with the purpose of providing services centered on improving the health, social and economic conditions of these people.

The Organisation was premised on the rational to reduce the vulnerability of the ever rising numbers of orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda coupled with the high rising HIV infections as such, set a foundation for the establishment of Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU). Since 2006, Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU) has been implementing activities aimed at improving the livelihoods in hard to reach areas and the poorly accessible populations more so in dire situations due to hazards like - epidemics, famine, natural catastrophes and many others.

HCU Vision:

A Uganda where all people live a life of dignity

HCU Mission:

To promote peoples’ living conditions through capacity enhancement

HCU is Mandateed:

ü  To carry out activities in the fields of initiating programs and actions aimed at improving livelihoods;

ü  To address issues aimed at preventing, caring and managing HIV/AIDS in communities;

ü  To promote programs that improve health care and livelihood services; and

ü  To develop sustainable mechanism for promoting community participation and ownership of interventions.

HCU Core Values:

  • Passion and Commitment
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Respect
  • Participatory Planning and Service Excellence

Region of work: Nationwide

Districts of active projects: Lira, Kabale, Kanungu, Wakiso, Kamuli, Mbale, Mukono, Kyenjojo, Kabarole and Kampala where our head offices are located.


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Main Types of Activities:

The main activities of HCU include;

  • Lobbying and advocacy, e.g. unreached or poorly reached populations
    • Representing the voice of children at meetings and consultations
    • Organizing forums for discussion and sensitization on issues related to community challenges and how they can be addressed.
  • Training and capacity building, e.g.
    • Developing the skills of community resource persons to meet growing community demands
    • Providing training to groups and facilitating panel discussions, workshops, etc
  • Direct intervention, e.g.
    • Creating support networks for married couples and partners in long term relationships to discuss issues which affect their relationships and may lead to infidelity and in a collective platform, seek ideal community solutions to the identified challenges.
    • Holding “Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS” workshops for community leaders, couples and sensitization activities for the public

Management and Decision Making

Based on the constitution, HCU has a three-tiered management structure:

  1. Secretariat, made up of the Executive Director, Operations Manager, Program Manager, Financial Administrator, Administrative Manager, Project Assistants,  Office Assistant
  2. Board of Directors, a Committee that is comprised of the Chairperson of the Board, Secretary, Treasurer  and four (4) other members;
  3. The Annual General Meeting, which is the highest decision-making body and comprised of all eligible members of the organisation.

Recent Projects:

  1. FAITH Project (Fighting AIDS In The Home) – to contribute to the reduction of new HIV infections among married couples and partners in long term relationships. (USAID/UHMG)
  2. National Marriage Festival Project - to increase awareness about the challenges of marital HIV transmission in Uganda and develop recommendations towards the formulation of effective interventions to address HIV/AIDS in homes and work places. (FBOs, CSOs, and Business community)
  3. ESSO Project - Extending Education and Social Support to Orphans and other Vulnerable Children  (Nikki Industries)


Contact Person:  

James Kato (Executive Director)

Plot 181 Bombo Road, P. O. Box 29985, Kampala

Phone: +256 392946852

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How You Can Help

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Monthly Giving
  • One-Time Donation
  • Meet Specific Needs
  • Get Involved

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Contact us

   JAMES KATO (Executive Director)

   Plot 181 Bombo Road, P.O.Box 29985

   Phone: +256 392946852

   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.