Extending Safe Water to Rural areas

Access to water at all, let alone safe water, is greatly lacking in many villages; the water sources that exist are often severely contaminated, making cyclical bouts of severe illness...


Fighting AIDS In The Home

F.A.I.T.H is an abbreviation for Fighting AIDS In The Home. With support from USAID through UHMG, Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU) implements the FAITH project in the districts of Kanungu, Lira, Wakiso,...


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Uganda views the Hybrid Eclipse in ...

Many lucky people around the world were treated to a an unusual “hybrid” solar eclipse on 3rd Nov. 2013 at Owinyi Primary School in Packwach- Nebbi District in Uganda —...


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  • Every child has a right to live befitting lives. Hundreds of thousands of children languish every day with pain due to the loose of their loved ones and homeless trying to make a living. Humanitarian Care Uganda focuses on providing these children under the care of their community members with support mostly on social welfare, education, health care, and nutrition.

    Social Welfare includes helping the children get/ acquire basic necessities of life, such as food, clean water, adequate clothing, sanitation,their care takers, and an opportunity to attain higher education in partnership with Mbajja orphanage and Makerere I community initiative.

    There are many ways to help, including child, community, and educational needs. You can be an instrument of mercy and love, giving to a needy child or an impoverished community. With your contribution, you are not only giving to the needs, you are giving hope of a brighter future to tomorrows future leaders of the world.

    How You Can Help Humanitarian Care Ugandareach out to more children in Uganda.

    There are many ways you can help HCU. Here are the current needs of the orphans and vulnerable children. You can give your gift of donation of any amount both in Money for or material

    Educational need:

    Text books

    Exercise book


    School shoes

    Basic Survival Needs:

    Food and nutritional supplements

    Safe and clean water

    Beddings and clothes

  • Thank you for showing your interest in donating to Humanitarian Care Uganda Ways to donate;

    You can donate in cash or in kind, For in kind donations visit us on plot 181 Bombo Road, or call us on +256-392-946852/ +256 414-340 630.

    For BANK TRANSFER Donations may be made directly into Humanitarian Care Uganda bank accounts below:

    • Account Name: Humanitarian Care Uganda
    • Account Number: 1101203023019
    • Bank Name: Ecobank Uganda Limited
    • Branch: Parliamentary Avenue


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  • Many lucky people around the world were treated to a an unusual “hybrid” solar eclipse on 3rd Nov. 2013 at Owinyi Primary School in Packwach- Nebbi District in Uganda — so called because the extent to which the Sun was blocked out varied around the world. Those along North America’s east coast and the northern half of South America saw a brilliant Sun partially eclipsed by the Moon just at dawn, as in our lead image from South Carolina, USA. But regions like equatorial Africa had a total eclipsed Sun for about a minute, while those in southern Europe, the Middle East, were able to see an “annular” or partial, eclipse. This type of variable eclipse is rare — the last time one occurred was Nov. 20, 1854 and the next one won’t happen until Oct. 17, 2172! This was also the last eclipse of the year, and photographers were out to capture the views.

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  Humanitarian Care launches new website...

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